Personal Goals

My main personal goal after obtaining my MLIS degree is to be gainfully employed. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, I have not had much (or any) luck securing a job remotely related to what I studied. The idea of earning my MLIS excites me a great deal; to work in a field that I love, surrounded by books and people, is absolutely ideal. On top of that, I’d like to enjoy my job; when my alarm goes off I don’t want to feel any dread (other than the normal amount that comes with waking up early). By earning this degree I feel that this goal is wholly achievable.

I don’t yet have a clear cut idea of what I want my future career to be. As I go through the program, I am confident that I will find my likes and dislikes in my future classes. That will help me to develop a firmer grasp of what I would like my career trajectory to look like. Right now, when I think about my future, I like the idea of working in an academic library and the idea of working in a public library. Eventually I would like to experience both of these settings and dabble in archiving. While working in a public library setting, I would prefer to work in adult services. I am a voracious reader and it sounds absolutely heavenly to me to play a role in choosing what gets added to a collection. Recently I have started volunteering at the Ferndale Public Library, working with the Adult Reference Librarian and I have really enjoyed seeing the daily processes one goes through in that environment. To find a community library and delve right in would be an ideal way for me to begin my career with my MLIS. Eventually I would also like to experience an academic library setting. I think it would be a fascinating experience to work in that environment and to help patrons with the research process. At this point, I’d like to do it all, archiving, public and academic libraries. As my studies go on I hope to hone in on a more specific career path, however for now I like the idea of keeping things open.

As far as certificates go, I know that I want one but I am not yet certain which one I want. Once I get through a few more classes I hope to have a stronger idea of which certificate I wish to pursue. I have narrowed it down so far to the Information Management certificate or the certificate in Archival Administration. The certificate in Archival Administration was my original first choice, I love the idea of helping to preserve items for the future and I would personally love getting to work with old books and documents. However I also like the versatility that comes with the Information Management certificate. I think this certificate would be especially useful in an academic library setting. In summation, I am excited to dive further into learning about librarianship and seeing how the rest of this semester goes.

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