Job Analysis Part Two

The eagerly awaited sequel to Job Analysis One!

Dream job identified: Head of Special Collections, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries.

How the heck do I get there?


Or more specifically….

First I absolutely have to do what I came to Wayne State to do and that is, get my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. Once I cross that off the list there are still many things that I would need to do to even have my resume read by the people filling this job posting. Networking. I think this would help considerably, getting my name and credentials out there to the right people so that the people making the hiring decisions for this job know my name and know that I am worthy of a second look. In addition to my MLIS, an archival certificate would be very important for this job. I would need many skills for this job, including, verbal, communication, interpersonal, supervisory, analytical and last but not least… work skills. The interpersonal and supervisory skills I feel can be learned from on the job experience, after obtaining my degree and working in an academic library, special collection or archive setting for a few years, I feel that I would acquire the necessary interpersonal, analytical and supervisory skills needed for this position. Also making the most of my time at Wayne State and learning some grant writing skills would be really helpful for this job, especially when trying to acquire new collections.

Another major qualification that I lack is specific knowledge for handling special collections and archiving in general…..I am looking to Wayne State to help me with my deficiency here. As I continue to complete courses I feel that this issue will resolve itself. I will eventually become familiar with the endless acronyms that accompany the Library profession. For instance, this job requires knowledge of EAD, Dublin Core and USMARC, which initially looked like a bunch of misspelled words to me, but actually they serve a major function to this profession (light bulb goes off – imagine that!). After doing some research I learned that both of these acronyms and Dublin Core have to do with archiving and processing special collections. Getting an archival certificate would help me to develop a thorough knowledge of these processes.

Now the daunting question…..which of these skills do I currently possess? To be honest, not many! At this point I could possibly be the secretary for the Head of Special Collections (if they would be so kind). Currently, I feel that I possess the skills to work on a team, also I would consider my communication, verbal and interpersonal skills to be of a professional caliber. Of course there is always room for improvement, but I feel that I possess those skills strongly as of right now. The others I can work on while I study at Wayne State. A lot of the skills that this job calls for I imagine I will acquire when I do my practicum. While classes will surely help me to become more professional, ultimately I feel that on the job experience is what will set me apart and give me credibility so that someday I can apply for thought-provoking jobs such as this one.

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