Mid-Semester Analysis and Reflections

I cannot believe how quickly the time went by this semester. I feel like time moved at hyper speed. After being away from school for a few years, it was refreshing to come back and be genuinely interested in what I was reading and researching. I feel like I am moving towards a very obtainable goal (an actual career! Hurrah!!!) and I cannot wait to reach the finish line. Earlier in my blog I was a bit hesitant when writing due to the uncertainty I felt concerning what I wanted to focus on….at first it was Archives but now it’s up in the air until I take a few more classes… at the moment I am leaning towards Information Management for the versatility that it offers. While I am still unsure of what certificate I would like to eventually obtain, this class has helped me to be more firm in my wanting to work in either a public or an academic library setting (hopefully both).

The nature of my posts has certainly evolved over the course of the semester. Over the last couple of months I have gained more confidence in my knowledge of libraries and information in general. I am more certain of wanting to work in public and/or academic libraries. The job analysis blog assignment really helped me; seeing what jobs are out there and how I have to prepare to eventually be considered for them really struck a chord. It is definitely better to start looking at these job postings now, in the beginning of my studies while I still have the time to rearrange my courses and tailor myself for the current working environment of librarians and information ninjas. One major reoccurring theme in my blog entries is the fact that after all of this time, I am really hungry for a career. I am tired of jobs, I want something that I am passionate about. I want to look forward to my alarm going off, not dread it (if that is even a possibility…I am really not a morning person!).

One disconcerting item that I posted early in my blog is that librarians will always be vital to communities, no matter what the technological advancements are. Now of course I still believe that statement, however I would like to make an amendment to it. Librarians will always be vital to the community as long as they are as informed about current technologies as their patrons need them to be. One major thing that I have learned from this class is that constantly educating yourself is incredibly important in this field. It keeps you relevant and vital in your job position. Webinars, classes, conferences, they all aid in keeping librarians as educated and informed as their community needs them to be. As information ninjas, we need to be one step ahead of our patrons so that we can offer them the best service. Overall, I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next in my studies at Wayne.

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