Blogging About Professional Blogs

The Handheld Librarian

The Handheld Librarian is the first professional librarian blog I followed and I really enjoyed it. This blog touched on a lot of issues we discussed in class and in the think tanks. The primary focus points of the blog are digital libraries, e-books, and various e-book/textbook deals currently going on. There are a few different librarians that contribute to this blog. I would say the main audience are all information professionals and library students – it is very relevant with all the current e-book deals going on. The two most interesting issues I found in this blog were, how ridiculously expensive e-books are for libraries and how the idea of having an all-digital library is no longer such a far off idea. One of the most intriguing posts had to do with textbooks, and despite all of the posts and research the contributors on this blog had done about e-books and e-readers, a poll still showed that the majority (75% of people) still prefer a physical book, especially in terms of textbooks. Personally I love reading books on my Kindle but when it comes to textbooks I have to admit I do fall into that 75% majority of those who prefer the physical copy. Overall, I really enjoyed this blog and found it particularly relevant, especially now that libraries are in a constant debate between buying e-books and physical books.

The Gypsy Librarian

The Gypsy Librarian is written by Angel Rivera, he is an academic librarian who in the past was a high school teacher as well as an adjunct college instructor. As you may have guessed from the title, Mr. Rivera writes about his travels as well as the articles he reads (so we don’t have to) and summarizes their important intel. He wrote a great deal about different book reviewing sites, in particular Amazon and Goodreads which I found very interesting (because I am a big fan of both websites). An interesting point was made that he uses neither of these websites for collection development due to their selling out. It is difficult to trust a website whose sole purpose is profit (I’m looking at you amazon!). An interesting concept of this blog, (and a recurring theme) is the notion that one picks up information anywhere, even at the supermarket. The bounds for which people find information are endless and that is a topic that Angel Rivera really makes a point of spreading. This blog was a little bit drier in comparison to the first blog I looked at, due to the large number of academic articles he summarizes. I think the audience of this blog would be primarily school and academic librarians. However all information professionals could really benefit from reading it.

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