Revisiting Assumptions/Assertions about LIS

I had two main assumptions in my first blog entry,

Number One:

My main assumption about libraries is that they will always be vital to communities. No matter the economic situation, libraries will always be essential in bettering communities. Simply put, they are integral to people. To have such open access to a great wealth of information is a true value that every community deserves to have.

I still strongly believe that libraries will always be vital to communities. However thanks to class and to my colleagues I can see why they will always be vital. Not everyone owns a computer or has access to healthcare or tax information. Libraries are truly information hubs for the community, no matter what the particular patron’s standing is, the library has resources readily available to he/she that they may not be able to access within their own home. Libraries are also an incredible resource for the homeless in regards to helping them to get back on their feet.

Number Two:

My other assumption in regards to libraries is that no matter what technological advancements are made, people (i.e. librarians) will always be indispensable to communities. Yes, with the invention of tablets there may be less of a need for some individuals to go to the library as often as they used to. However there will always be a need for people to have access to information, whether it be a new novel or assistance filling out government forms. Librarians will always be essential in helping patrons get to where they need to be by giving them access to the tools they need to arrive there.

I also still believe in this assumption, albeit with a new caveat, librarians need to be strongly familiar with new technologies in order to remain relevant and to help their patrons. Technologies are constantly evolving and librarians need to stay current on their learnings in order to best serve their community. While I still agree with my original assertion, that librarians will never be replaced by technology, I do think they need to be aware of and up to date with technology.

My professor and classmates really helped me to see this semester how vital libraries are to their communities and how important it is for library staff to remain current on their technology training. The best way to stay relevant in this community is to possess as much knowledge as you can.

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